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The Low Vision Gateway to the Internet is your starting point
to the world's resources for vision loss, vision-impairment,
blindness, low vision aids and low vision rehabilitation services.

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We are proud to announce new websites on our network.
Our new website dedicated to homonymous hemianopsia,
the loss of visual field to one side in both eyes and associated vision problem
 after acquired brain injury from stroke, head injury or brain tumor.
Visit the most comprehensive website ever developed on Rod Monochromatism
and Blue Cone Monochromatism, the two common forms of Achromatopsia.
The website is designed for those individuals for whom bioptic driving may
 offer an opportunity for greater independence. Our goal is to provide
practical information about bioptic driving from a team of professionals that
have been involved daily in clinically fitting and training of bioptic drive


Low Vision Rehabilitation Specialist Directory

Amazing New Movie on Macular Degeneration

Order Our Videotape on Hemianopsia Vision Rehabilitation

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The Internet Low Vision Society
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ILVS Founded 1995

Richard L. Windsor, O.D., F.A.A.O.
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Eye Associates Group, LLC
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