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bullet2.gif (1102 bytes) The Aniridia Network  The Aniridia Network International was set up in October 1998 to provide support and advice to people and families affected by aniridia across the world. Support and advice that was not previously available.

Initially, through an informal email group, and then through a message board that has recently turned into a message board/e-group, people from around the world affected by this rare genetic condition have - for the first time - been able to communicate with other people with aniridia.

bullet2.gif (1102 bytes) USA Aniridia Network USA Aniridia Network is an organization of US citizens dedicated to the support of its members, their families and their friends, professional teachers and medical staff. The research of Aniridia is also important to us...both through updated research information to our members and collecting data to help in the research being done.

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