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bulletTaking Hold My Journey into Blindness Alexander's story of her adjustment to blindness reads like a gripping suspense novel. She was a perfectly healthy third-grade teacher when she first noticed a black line flit across her eye and disappear. After a series of doctor appointments, temporary vision losses, and hospital stays, she gradually realized that at some point she would be completely blind. She began to learn Braille and eventually checked into a center to learn new life skills. Her emphasis is not on the hospitals and the rehab center but on coming to grips with her disability and all the accompanying emotions of fear, anger, despair, and acceptance. Her rocky relationship with her boyfriend is realistically and poignantly portrayed.


bulletThe Encyclopedia of Blindness and Vision Impairment


bulletThe Island of the Colorblind  At once intensely personal and intellectually exhilarating, The Island of the Colorblind gives us a fascinating, intimate understanding of Oliver Sacks' unique vision. By the author of Awakenings and An Anthropologist On Mars. Simultaneous hardcover release from Knopf. 2 cassettes.

bulletCoping With Color-Blindness In Coping With Colorblindness, author Odeda Rosenthal explains in easy-to-understand language how colorblindness occurs, and what types of colorblindness exist. She looks at the history of color vision research; the problems related to colorblindness in women; the pros and cons of tests designed to detect colorblindness; and the unique products available to aid those with this problem. Dr. Robert Phillips includes specific techniques for coping using humor, positive thinking, relaxation techniques, support groups, and professional assistance. Ms. Rosenthal and Dr. Phillips address specific issues for concerned parents of colorblind children. Chapters include: Vision and Color Perception, What Is Colorblindness, Types of Colorblindness,  The Importance of Light,  Causes of Acquired Color Vision Confusion,  Colorblindness in Females,  A Journey Through Color Vision Research, Color Vision Tests,   Learning, Memory, and Color Vision Confusion, How Are Families Affected by CVC, Coping With Color Vision Confusion, Conclusion,Bibliography, and Suggested Readings

bulletDancing in the Dark A Guide to Living With Blindness and Visual Impairment  Neer suffered from low vision throughout her life and eventually became blind. Just as she lost her sight totally, her adult son died and left her his 13-year-old daughter to raise. So Neer's story about coping--how to travel, shop, socialize, read and write, and run a household--has information for people of all ages. Neer talks like an old friend about attending plays, cooking for dinner parties, becoming street savvy, and, literally, dancing in the dark. Her upbeat, practical tone would prove a blessing for anyone dealing with sightlessness. Copyrightę 1994, American Library Association. All rights reserved

bulletData on Blindness and Visual Impairment in the U.S. A Resource Manual on   Social Demographic Characteristics, Education, Employ


bulletDay Brought Back My Night Aging and New Vision Loss


bulletDeaf - Blindness Essential Information for Families, Professionals, and Students


bulletEssays on Blindness Rehabilitation in Honor of Thomas J Carroll A Festschrift


bulletIf Blindness Strikes Don't Strike Out A Lively Look at Living With a Visual Impairment


bulletInner Vision The Story of the World's Greatest Blind Athlete


bulletOphthalmological Considerations in the Rehabilitation of the Blind


bulletProviding Services for People With Vision Loss A Multidisciplinary Perspective


bulletPsychoeducational Assessment of Visually Impaired and Blind Students Infancy Through High School


bulletRehabilitating Blind and Visually Impaired People A Psychological Approach


bulletSocial Sources of Adjustment to Blindness


bulletStory of Blindness


bulletThe Psychology of Blindness


bulletThe Struggle of Blind People for Self-Determination The Dependency-Rehabilitation Conflict Empowerment in the Blindness Comm


bulletTransition for Persons With Deaf Blindness and Other Profound Handicaps State of the Art


bulletUnderstanding Blindness An Integrative Approach


bulletWhat Blind People Wish Sighted People Knew About Blindness


bulletBlindness and Early Childhood Development

bulletBlindness and Visual Handicap The Facts

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