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BulletFederation for Children with Special Needs Web Site Boston, Massachusetts  The Federation is a center for parents and parent organizations to work together on behalf of children with special needs and their families. We can help! Organized in 1975 as a coalition of parent groups representing children with a variety of disabilities, the Federation operates a Parent Center which offers a variety of services to parents, parent groups, and others who are concerned with children with special needs.

BulletVisual Impairment and Blindness Experts SystemI VBES - Illinois   The Visual Impairments and Blindness Expert System (VIBES) will help answer questions and give advice. For example, you can pick one of the academic tasks, like reading, and learn about its tactile alternative techniques, like Braille, used by a person who happens to be visually impaired or blind. You can then see products (and services) for Braille, and find the organizations (or people) where you can get the products. This introductory version of VIBES, containing only 35 topics, is intended to demonstrate how VIBES works, and inspire you to submit topics to VIBES. We hope VIBES grows to over 5,000 topics within 5 years. Anyone can contribute information to VIBES

BulletSt Louis Area Center   Delta Gamma Center For Children With Visual Impairments

BulletWelcome to the FamilyEducation Network  Welcome to FamilyEducation Network, the #1 rated family site on the Web. We're dedicated to helping you take an active role in the education of your children. Visit us often to... find the information you need in hundreds of articles... connect with other parents on our discussion boards... check out your PTA Minutes and event calendars from member schools.

BulletKids' Questions Answered by the National Federation of the Blind   The National Federation of the Blind answers common questions children have on blindness.

BulletPediatric Eye Care: Parenting Information on Children. The Stereo Vision Project aims to be an advocacy and support group for individuals with binocular vision impairments and welcomes comments and questions from people with these disabilities.

The Blind Children's Center   The Blind Childrens Center is a family-centered agency which serves children with visual impairments from birth to school age. The center-based programs and services help the children acquire skills and build their independence. The Center utilizes its expertise and experience to serve families and professionals worldwide through support services, education, and research. Blind Childrens Center was founded in 1938.. The Center has helped more than 2,500 children through the infant and preschool programs. On an average, the Center serves 50-60 families every year in center-based programs. Currently, 63% of the children served are severely visually impaired and 37% are totally blind. An outstanding set of  publications  are available for the parents of blind and visually impaired children.

BulletP.A.R.E.N.T.S., Inc.  We are parents of children with disabilities (of all kinds and ages), working together with professionals and others to improve the lives of our sons and daughters and our families in homes, schools and communities around Alaska.

BulletCalifornia Department of Developmental Services   Welcome to the Home Page of the California Department of Developmental Services (DDS). DDS provides services and programs to children and adults with developmental disabilities which includes mental retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism and related conditions.

BulletParenting the Special Needs Child Children's Disabilities - Parenting of K-6 Children Net Links

BulletSpecial Child Magazine for Parenting Special Needs Children Welcome and thank you for visiting Special Child Magazine, an online publication dedicated to parents of children with special needs.


Condensered.gif (846 bytes)Parents Helping Parents California  PHP  PHP is a multifaceted, comprehensive Parent Directed Family Resource Center for children with any kind of special need (mental, physical, emotional, or learning disabilities whether due to birth defects, illness, vehicular, sports or other accidents, such as near drowning). PHP was founded in 1976 as a parent support group. Now, parent support is only one of numerous services offered by this public benefit, not-for-profit organization. PHP is a parent-directed family resource center (PDFRC) serving children with special needs, their families and the professionals who serve them. PHP is one of the oldest and largest children's charities of its kind in the United States. We are the family resource center for Early Start services for Santa Clara County; a Parent Training and Information Center (PTI) for Northern California; the National Center for Parent-Directed Family Resource Centers in the United States; and the leading consultation and assistance agency for others starting or operating a parent-directed family resource center in the world.


BulletChild & Family Canada, Enfant & Famille Canada  Child & Family Canada is presented through the cooperation of 39 non-profit organizations committed to the health and well-being of children and their families. Child & Family Canada is a web site initiated by the Canadian Child Care Federation with the support of Human Resources Development Canada, and Industry Canada. The server is provided by Bell Global Solutions / Sympatico.


BulletCouncil for Exceptional Children    The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) is the largest international professional organization dedicated to improving educational outcomes for individuals with exceptionalities, students with disabilities, and/or the gifted. CEC advocates for appropriate governmental policies, sets professional standards, provides continual professional development, advocates for newly and historically underserved individuals with exceptionalities, and helps professionals obtain conditions and resources necessary for effective professional practice.

BulletChild Development Media, Inc.   Child Development Media, Inc., offers an extensive collection of video tapes and training materials that have been professionally previewed, and are targeted for parents, professionals and students alike. Both video tapes and training cover a wide range of topics at affordable prices, and they are produced by leading behavioral specialists at outstanding institutions and programs.

BulletUpshaw Institute for the Blind Michigan Parents of the Visually Impaired  Welcome to the Upshaw Institute for the Blind home page. The Upshaw Institute for the Blind (formerly the Greater Detroit Society for the Blind) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing blindness, reducing the impact of blindness, and advocating for those with severe vision loss.

BulletIndiana Parent Information Network   The Indiana Parent Information Network is a not-for-profit organization where parents, professionals and volunteers work together to support children with special needs. Our uniqueness comes from the fact that we are family-directed. The majority of our Board of Directors and staff are parents of children with disabilities and chronic illnesses. Our office is located on the Northeast side of Indianapolis. We share our expertise with families, providers, and policy makers across the state and nation.

BulletParent-Citizen Handbook   Indiana  The COVOH Foundation is dedicated to the promotion of awareness and communication to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families. In view of these goals, and in keeping with our past activities, we welcome this opportunity to work with the Indiana Department of Education, Division of Special Education, in assisting in the development and distribution of this handbook so that parents, teachers, therapists, school and agency administrators -- indeed all citizens -- will become more fully informed about Indiana's system of educational programs for students with special needs..

BulletMUMS National Parent-to-Parent Network  MUMS is a National Parent to Parent Network whose mission is to help parents who have a child with a rare diagnosis make connections with other parents in similar situations. MUMS is voluntary, non-profit organization that runs on donations. In order make sure that this service is available for those families who need it, we are only able to facilitate matches for families whose child has a rare disorder

BulletFederation for Children with Special Need  Boston, Massachusetts    The Federation is a center for parents and parent organizations to work together on behalf of children with special needs and their families. We can help! Organized in 1975 as a coalition of parent groups representing children with a variety of disabilities, the Federation operates a Parent Center which offers a variety of services to parents, parent groups, and others who are concerned with children with special needs.

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