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Louis Braille: A Touch of Genius  by Michael Mellor 
  The first ever, fully illustrated biography available in print or Braille.
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BulletBraille Planet and Duxbury Merge  

BulletShadows in the Dark  Welcome to Shadows in The Dark. A premier provider of Braille Cards and Gift items. Please feel free to browse our web site to learn more about us, or even purchase our products.

Condensered.gif (846 bytes)Pac Mate by Freedom Scientific The world's first accessible Pocket PC device, PAC Mate provides access to everyday Windows-based desktop data and software applications. By utilizing JAWS® for the Braille and speech output, the 8-dot keyboard in the BNS model works like a personal data assistant. Run Pocket PC versions of popular software programs to manage your information internally or sync up and share data with other devices. Surf the Internet and send and receive email with the addition of a modem. PAC Mate is the definitive handheld computer for those who are blind.

BulletOptek Systems  Optek Systems supports and distributes a wide range of electronic products that assist people with a disability throughout Australia and New Zealand.

BulletBraille Transcription & Pressing Services  National Braille Press is one of the world's leading producers of braille.We make it easy for you. Everything is computerized, so we can transform your printed materials quickly and economically. Our customers include airlines, restaurants, hotels, museums, school systems, computer companies, the Library of Congress, the Department of Justice, plus a wide range of small businesses.

BulletDancing Dots  and the Goodfeel Braille Music Translator    As a blind musician, I have known firsthand the frustration of not having timely access to braille scores. In 1992, I began to pursue my dream of a solution that would greatly shorten transcription times and increase the amount and variety of music brailled. I am pleased to announce: the solution is here! The GOODFEEL Braille Music Translator has genuinely revolutionized braille music transcription. GOODFEEL has harnessed the power and speed of the personal computer to reduce transcription turnaround times from months or years to mere hours! GOODFEEL lets you choose what to transcribe and when!

BulletDotsPlus  DotsPlus is a device-independent typeface developed for blind readers that intends to encompass a large set of symbols in addition to standard braille. Braille code is combined with the raised representations of symbols not normally encompassed by braille, such as the math symbols for integral and summation. The method is not limited to mathematics, of course, but the philosophy is best demonstrated using math

BulletRaised Dot Computing: iMegaDots-i, the world's most advanced braille translation program  This web document contains information on braille, on MegaDots, and the rest of the Raised Dot Computing product line. It now contains huge resource lists on blindness issues.

BulletQUIK-SCRYBE Braille transcription service   QUIK-SCRYBE is a fast, reliable company which transcribes documents into braille. Since 1984, we have transcribed into braille; personal letters, flyers, brochures, textbooks, manuals, etc. With speed and reliability. Now, QUIK-SCRYBE has gone interpoint.

BulletRepro-Tronics Homepage  Repro - Tronics is the designer and manufacturer of the Tactile Image Enhancer, Flexi - Paper tactile imaging paper, the Thermo Pen II, and Tactile AudioGRAPHICS.   These products are designed to assist blind and visually impaired individuals in the creation and understanding of tactile graphic images. Explore this site and gain an understanding of how each of these unique products can assist in deciphering and designing tactile images.

BulletTack-Tiles®   Tack-Tiles® Braille Systems are interchangeable with standard LEGO®-type blocks. They provide a unique bridge, a smoother, shorter, more interesting path to Braille literacy.

BulletTelesensory Products Telesensory develops, manufactures and distributes state-of-the art information access tools for people who are blind. We focus on providing complete access solutions through our wide range of integrated and stand-alone products. Products include tactile and audio-access software for both DOS and Windows, refreshable Braille displays, synthesized speech systems, optical character recognition systems and Braille embossers (printers).

Tieman BV Holland  Tieman is specialized in the development, production and marketing of products for the blind and visually handicapped.The company was founded in 1975. The CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) was developed for customers with a poor vision. Its practical design was the beginning of the development of an extensive range of CCTV's and other products for people with various visual handicaps. The advent of the personal computer and the invention of the Braille cell, which uses piezo electric technology, created a break-through for Tieman in the 1980's. The link between the computer and the Braille alphabet was made! This meant the road to regular (University) education was open to blind people and scores of job opportunities in (non) profitmaking organisations were created.

BulletBraille & Your Computer--The Basics  If you have a personal computer, you already own most of what you need to do your own Braille. You need just two more items: Translation software and a Braille printer. Braille translators exist for every popular computer--from the Apple II family to the Mac to MS-DOS to Windows. First, you tell the translator to "read" your original file, which it will do in a few seconds. Then it creates a new file in grade 2 Braille, automatically formated to fit on Braille paper (usually 25 lines down the left margin and 40 characters across), and complete with Braille page numbers.

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