Deaf Blind Child Issues
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BulletDeaf Blind Info Minnesota  Information about Minnesota's resources for people who are DeafBlind, as well as resources throughout the USA and in other countries.

BulletProject Vision Welcome to the Project Vision Connections! This site was developed especially for teachers who serve students with visual impairments and deafblindness. Our goal is to connect you with materials and people to support you in your important work. We will provide links to other helpful Internet sites, updates on Project Vision in-service training sessions, listings of resources and other information on topics of interest to you.

The National Technical Asistance Consortium for Children and Young Adults Who Are Deaf-Blind NTAC    NTAC provides technical assistance to families and agencies serving children and young adults who are deaf-blind. The primary mission of NTAC is to assist states in improving the quality of services for individuals (birth to age 28) who are deaf-blind; and to increase the numbers of children, young adults, their families, and their service providers who will benefit from these services. This mission will be accomplished by providing a variety of technical assistance activities, including, training, information, and support to a wide array of agencies, including 34 CFR 307.11 grantees, State Education Agencies, Part H Lead Agencies, Adult Service Agencies, and Family Organizations. NTAC will assist in the development and maintenance of comprehensive services for families, early intervention programs, educational programs, and adult services to meet the unique needs of children and young adults who are deaf-blind.


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