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BulletAction for Blind People in the UK  Action for Blind People is a national UK charity which aims to enable blind and partially sighted people to enjoy equal opportunities in every aspect of their lives through work, leisure, housing and support.

Condensered.gif (846 bytes)Association of Blind Piano Tuners Home Page    The Association of Blind Piano Tuners exists to serve the professional and particular needs of it 's members and other Blind and Partially Sighted piano tuners throughout the world. It is  based in London.

Condensered.gif (846 bytes)Grampian Society for the Blind   Founded in 1879 the Society is a charitable company limited by guarantee. Run by a Board comprising visually impaired and sighted people, its main purpose is to promote the welfare of severely visually impaired residents of Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Moray.A wide range of social work services is delivered throughout Grampian Region (Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire, and Morayshire) to over 2000 people.

Condensered.gif (846 bytes)Institute for blind and visually impaired people - Luxembourg   The Institute for visually impaired people (Institut pour Déficients Visuels - IDV), a state institution, has been created in 1975 in order to replace the work of the Institute for the Blind of Berbourg, a primary school for blind children under the direction of the Order of St. Elisabeth between 1900 and 1975. First, the IDV exclusively functionned as a residential school, but it rapidly extended its field of the activities from the primary level to the vocational training of visually impaired persons.

Condensered.gif (846 bytes)Royal National Institute for the Blind   RNIB is the leading charity working for blind and partially sighted people throughout the United Kingdom. We have over 60 different services to help people at all stages of their lives.RNIB wants a world in which people with a visual impairment enjoy the same rights, freedoms, responsibilities and quality of life as people who are fully sighted.

Condensered.gif (846 bytes)ROYAL BLIND SOCIETY   Royal Blind Society assists people who are blind and vision impaired to maximise their opportunities by providing specialist staff, information and technology resources that meet individual needs.

Condensered.gif (846 bytes)Scottish Sensory Centre  Scottish Sensory Centre promotes and supports new developments and effective practices in the education of children and young people with sensory impairments ie visual, hearing or dual (deafblindness) sensory impairment. SSC collaborates with: education authorities; schools and groups of teachers; voluntary organisations; parents groups; young people themselves.

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