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BulletGlaucoma Research Foundation The Glaucoma Research Foundation is committed to finding a cure for glaucoma, and, in the meantime, doing everything possible to protect the sight, independence, and quality of life of people with glaucoma.We have the latest information about glaucoma and research updates. We have answers to your questions as well as comprehensive information about glaucoma. We operate a national telephone support network and publish a quarterly newsletter. Through the Foundation, people with glaucoma can volunteer to help, or join a glaucoma family-history database. Scientists can find information on grants as well as resources including an eye donor network. The Foundation also funds and stimulates research nationally and internationally.

BulletThe Glaucoma Foundation The Foundation is an international not-for-profit organization dedicated to fighting glaucoma, the world's leading preventable cause of blindness. Worldwide, approximately 67,000,000 people have glaucoma; in the United States alone, 3 to 4 million people have the disease, including 6 percent of those over age 65, and are at risk of serious loss of sight.   The site contains excellent information for patient and doctor.

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