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BulletIndependent Living Aids  First - there are aids, such as talking products, needle threaders, magnifiers, writing guides, etc., that appeared in our early catalogs and will continue to be offered, because you want and need them. Second - good quality items have persisted over less expensive copies which are not as durable. Third - you seem to appreciate that we select the most useful items in each category, instead of offering you the entire range and having you struggle to decide which is best. Fourth - you prefer the personal interaction our staff provides when you place telephone orders rather than more automated systems of order taking.

BulletEn-Vision America Products for the Blind and Visually Impaired  They feature the id mate, a bar code - speech   identification system. En-Vision America is dedicated to creating unequaled value to the lives of our customers by applying new and creative technology to everyday problems of the blind and visually impaired. With products like i.d. mate, En-Vision America strives to make the lives of our customers a little easier.

BulletLife With Ease™ - Our company specializes in products to prevent injuries, live with injuries, and aid with impairments. Our product line includes ergonomically designed items and specific living aids for low vision, hearing deficit and musculo-skeletal impairments like arthritis and Repetitive Stress Injuries.

Bullet Maxiaids Maxi-Aids over the past two decades has evolved to become the worlds leading provider of Adaptive Products, Products for Independent Living, and Products designed simply to enhance your lifestyle by making your life and daily tasks easier. Our professional customer service staff is here to give you the quality and professional service you deserve. Even after two decades, Maxi-Aids continues to evolve to expand our product mix and assortment to meet the changing needs of our customers.

BulletOnline Cooking Help for the Blind Welcome to A Feel for Flavor, an on-line cookbook, designed for and by blind users. This cookbook has been established to provide quick and easy access, via speech, to recipes and helpful hints submitted by its users. It is intended to be a convenient, informative and fun site to visit, lending itself to viewing, searching, and posting recipes and helpful hints/tips.

BulletSpeak to Me Catalog/ The catalog of talking products ... Give the gift that says something !!

BulletBeyond Sight   The product line at Beyond Sight was greatly expanded and many new items were added. Commodities no longer included computers and talking clocks, it expanded to include just about everything a blind or visually impaired person may need, such as kitchen items, magnifying glasses, CCTV's, games, beeping balls, and lots more.

Bullet Allenbeys Many items available for those with writing limitations stemming from injuries, blindness, arthritis, Parkinson's, carpal tunnel syndrome or any ailment that requires assistance with writing.

BulletFull Life Products  A resource for a variety of products to aid in independent living.

BulletIndependent Living Resources Here you will find links to vendors of independent living aids. These products help blind and visually impaired people regain their independence they lost along with their eye sight. By using these products they can almost have a normal live again

BulletMons International, Inc.   Welcome to Mons online catalog! Mons International is dedicated to helping the visually impaired, their counselors, relatives, friends, and teachers.


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