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wpe2.jpg (701 bytes)Online Resources for the Blind and Partially Sighted Readers The first section of this site is for blind and partially sighted readers who are beginning to look for technology that will allow them to read on the Internet and on their computers. The remaining sections link to sites that may be of interest to fantasy and science fiction readers who are blind or partially sighted (low vision or visually impaired). In all cases, the sites I link to often link to many other sites.


BulletTimeCAST  Real Radio The comprehensive list of RealAudio Internet Bitcasters. Frames that don't change, so you can't set bookmarks, and difficulty in making sense with a screen reader are problems you'll encounter. But you'll find radio stations from all over the world, on live.

BulletASSISTIVE MEDIA   The net's first audio-literary service for persons with print reading/access barriers - Ann Arbor Michigan.

BulletBible Reading on the Internet Real Audio A series of 30 second Bible Reading is provided.

BulletBroadcast Resources on the Net An excellent  list of  links to various Reading Radion Services and other helpful services around the United States.

BulletTV Guide Entertainment Network An Internet online version of the TV Guide.

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