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Low Vision Aids

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When conventional spectacles can no longer help and surgery or medical treatment is not appropriate, or very prolonged, then it is time to consider low vision aids. These come in a bewildering array of strengths and designs. They range from simple hand-held lenses to electronic devices. Different ones are needed for different visual tasks.


Where do I obtain low vision aids?


The use of a low vision aid is dependent on many factors, the type of vision loss, the degree of loss, the patient's light and glare needs, the ability of the patient to handle and operate the aid plus many other factors. The best place to obtain a  low vision aid is from your low vision specialist following a comprehensive low vision examination. Depending on your state, Medicare may cover much of the cost of the evaluation and training/therapy costs, but Medicare does not cover the aids. 


"Your care should start with a low vision evaluation by a doctor of optometry or an ophthalmologist who specializes in low vision rehabilitation. The low vision examination is not the same as the retinal or general eye examinations you have experienced "


bullet2.gif (1145 bytes)The Basic Principles of Magnification Start here to understand how magnification works to help many low vision patients.


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