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Books on Low Vision

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Reviewed Books

bulletGlare and Contrast Sensitivity for Clinicians An outstanding book on glare and contrast sensitivity, it has an excellent chapter on visual function of diabetics. This book has our highest rating.  The chapter on diabetes should be read by every optometrist and ophthalmologist.

bulletFunctional Assessment of Low Vision (Mosby's Optometric Problem-Solving) Another excellent book in the Mosby Optometric Problem Solving series.

bulletRemediation and Management of Low Vision (Mosby's Optometric Problem Solving Series) Mosby's Optometric Problem Solving series has again dealt with low vision in this 1996 book edited by Roy Cole, O.D. and Bruce Rosenthal, O.D. Chapters topics  include  review of eccentric fixation, visual field remediation , the visually impaired computer user pharmcological effects on low vision, and driving with low vision. This is a very timely test and receives are hightes rating.0000 

bulletThe Art and Practice of Low Vision  The second edition   Drs. Paul Freeman Randal T Jose and Randy Jose of their fine 320 page low vision text published August 1997.

bulletPrimary Low Vision Care  Dr Rodney Nowakowski has creasted a comprehensive textbook on low vision including the following chapter topics: Vision Impairment and Its Rehabilitation,  Psychosocial Aspects of Vision Impairment, The Patient Interview, Assessment of Visual Acuity,  Refraction, Assessment of Visual Fields,  Special Testing,  Communication, Magnification, Basic Optical Principles of Low Vision Devices, General Guidelines for Prescribing Optical Devices, How to Prescribe Telescopes, How to Prescribe Microscopes, How to Prescribe Hand and Stand Magnifiers, How to Prescribe Telemicroscopes, Verification of Optical Devices, Contact Lens Applications in Low Vision Rehabilitation, Visual Field Enhancement, Illumination and Glare Control, The Closed Circuit Television, Prosthetic Eyes, Training Patients in the Use of Low Vision Devices and Residual Vision, Driving with Impaired Vision, Nonoptical Aids for Activities of Daily Living,  Genetic Counseling, Low Vision Rehabilitation for Children, Rehabilitative Management of Selected Disorders of Vision, Selected Case Examples, Practice Management, Reflections on Lessons Learned,  Resources for Information, Training, and Materials Related to Vision Rehabilitation. 

bulletUnderstanding Low Vision  Dr. Randy Jose has created an excellent text to train your low vision staff.  The book is aimed at teaching the basic principles of low vision.  We highly recommemd this as a training manual for staff in optometric or ophthalmological practices.

bulletVisual Impairment An Overview Ian Baily and Amanda Ball have created another wonderful book to train  your staff in the principles of low vision care.

bulletFoundations of Low Vision Clinical and Functional Perspectives NEW YORK-AFB Press, part of the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB), has announced the publication of a major new textbook that breaks new ground in the field of low vision rehabilitation. Edited by Anne L. Corn, Ed.D., foremost leader in low vision education worldwide, and Alan J. Koenig, Ed.D., this country's leading researcher on literacy among people who are blind or visually impaired, Foundations of Low Vision: Clinical and Functional Perspectives examines how low vision affects the functional abilities of the individual and details how services can effectively meet the person's resulting needs.

bulletLiving with Vision OUR NEW BOOK: LIVING WITH  VISION LOSS Independence, Driving and Low Vision Solutions by Dr. Daniel D. Gottlieb Cheryl H. Allen, Susan Ingall-Woodruff, Jane Eikenberry, Marianne Johnson   Your life does not have to be out of focus just because you or someone you know cannot "see." Having a low-vision condition should not prevent you from enjoying all of your life goals and seeking independence. Understanding your vision and planning realistic goals are keys to your success. Contact our office richw@eyeassociates.com to order.

Non-Reviewd Books

bulletLow Vision Reflections of the Past Issues for the Future


bulletLow Vision Research and New Developments in Rehabilitation (Studies in Health Technology and Informatics , Vol 11)


bulletMeeting the Needs of People With Vision Loss A Multidisciplinary Perspective


Condensered.gif (846 bytes)Living With Vision Loss - A Handbook for Caregivers   This handbook is intended to be as useful as possible to that large and diverse group of people across Canada who find themselves, for whatever reason, helping to make life better for the older members of society who cope with vision loss. The production has involved a process of consultation and collaboration with blind and visually impaired seniors, community representatives and the CNIB staff.


Low Vision Books Not Yet Released

bulletLow Vision for Clinicians A Problem Based Approach -Coming soon.

bulletLow Vision in Optometric Practice - Not yet released.