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NEW   Amazing New Movie on Macular Degeneration



wpe1.jpg (701 bytes)ASSISTIVE MEDIA goal is to produce spoken-word interpretations of literary works to serve persons with disabilities. These recordings are to be made easily accessible and always free-of-charge via the Internet. Assistive Media is the recipient of the 1999 Streamers Progressive Award as the best non-profit website using RealMedia® - presented by RealNetworks and sponsored by the Intel Corp.

wpe1.jpg (701 bytes)NARRATIVE TELEVISION NETWORK  The Narrative Television Network makes movies and television programming accessible to blind and visually impaired people through narration, an "extra" voice added to the show to describe the visual elements of the story. Since 1988, NTN has narrated hundreds of hours of movies and television series, as well as several Broadway theatre productions.

Descriptive Video The Media Access Group at WGBH has been pioneering and delivering accessible media to disabled adults, students, and their families, teachers, and friends for over 30 years. The Media Access Group continues to develop new means of access each year. Members of the group's collective staff represent the leading experts in their fields. And the success of their various initiatives is exemplified by a history of accomplishments and continuous growth, the integration of their innovative products and services into society at large, and the enthusiastic support they receive from organizations serving people with sensory disabilities or who have hearing or vision loss.

AbleTv About Us is the first global TV network for the disabled, powered by accessibility via the web. That means we're harnessing the video distribution power and interactivity of the web to make assistive technology information available and accessible to those with disabilities, worldwide. We intend to build this new on-line community through an accessible video-driven multimedia web experience for each participant, with meaningful content developed by this community, for this community. That's why we've pioneered and continued to research the creative applications of Magpie, the first streaming video solution that offers audio description and closed captioning.

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