Middle East


Tarek Badawy, MD

Dr. Badawy is a fellow of Schepens Retina Associates, and the Schepens Research Institute, affiliated with Harvard Medical School, USA.  He is a member of American Academy of Ophthalmology, ISCEV and ARVO and recognized as low vision rehabilitation consultant by Lighthouse Inc., NY, and USA. Dr. Badawy is experienced in designing modern low vision aids for reading and near work, as well as for far vision and driving.

Dr. Badawy is seeing his patients in the following medical centers:

1. International Eye Hospital, Dokky, Giza . Tel: 02-338-1818

2. International Retina Center, Heliopolis, Cairo.  Tel: 02-290-0695

3. Cornea & Laser Center, Heliopolis, Cairo.  Tel:02-290-0255


For Appiontments, please call:  010-144-3377 or 012-331-0378
Fax: 02-275-2186  E-mail: Tbadawy@aol.com or Tbadawy@link.net