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BulletTal-Mec Ltd Developers of Sonar Mobility Aids 

BulletTalking Signs Talking SignsŪ technology is an infrared wireless communications system that provides remote directional human voice messages that make confident, independent travel possible for vision impaired and print-handicapped individuals. The technology was pioneered and developed at Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute, Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center in San Francisco, California. The system consists of short audio signals sent by invisible infrared light beams from permanently installed transmitters to a hand-held receiver that decodes the signal and delivers the voice message through its speaker or headset. The signals are directional, and the beam width and distance can be adjusted. The system works effectively in both interior and exterior applications.

BulletVisuAide VisuAide is proud to officially launch its new revolutionary GPS-based orientation product. The launch took place at the CSUN conference on Technology and Persons with Disability held recently in Los Angeles. Trekker is a personal digital assistant (PDA) application operating on a PocketPC with WinCE, adapted for the blind and visually impaired with talking menus, talking maps and GPS information. Fully portable (weights only 600 g (1.3 lbs)), it offers features enabling a blind person to determine position, create routes and receive information on navigating to a destination. It also offers search functions for an exhaustive database of point of interests, such as restaurants, hotels, office buildings, etc. Trekker features unique capabilities for recording voice notes for the creation of user-defined points, browsing routes off-line, and exchanging routes and point of interests with other users.

BulletAPSEA - Orientation & Mobility Services for Visually Impaired Students

BulletCalifornia   Association of Orientation & Mobility Specialists  CAOMS, founded in l996, has a Northern and a Southern California chapter which conduct separate local activities,collaborate on joint ventures, and alternate hosting the statewide annual conference.  Membership consists primarily of O&M Specialists.

BulletPerceptual Alternatives   Electronic Travel Aids for use by the blind and Reversing Aids to help the drivers of large vehicles seem, at first sight to be poles apart. They are not. The technology to solve one problem can be used for the other. Whether ReversAid is a spin-off from the Sonic Pathfinder or visa versa, it no longer matters.

BulletGuideCane steers blind pedestrians around obstacles  ANN ARBOR---It doesn't have fur. It won't fetch a ball. It runs on batteries, instead of dog food. But to the visually impaired, the GuideCane could give new meaning to the phrase "man's best friend." Developed by research scientists in the University of Michigan College of Engineering the GuideCane is a computerized, sonar-equipped navigation aid for the blind which detects obstacles in the user's path and automatically steers around them.

BulletOrientation and Mobility Specialist Training Program  PROGRAM THAT PREPARES PROFESSIONALS TO HELP THE BLIND REACHES ITS 30TH YEAR Cal State L.A. Students Learn Basic Skills on Campus and in the South Pasadena Community

BulletOther Visions Title Page Am I Age Appropriate? Much of my caseload is comprised of developmentally disabled, blind and low-vision adults. They live in group homes and residential facilities. I have observed a disturbing trend regarding the activities provided for this population.

TravelVision, Orientation & Mobility Services   Orientation & Mobility services in Gendale California:   If you or a loved one is visually impaired, TravelVision can help. We offer a wide range of services designed to empower visually impaired individuals to lead active lives. Services can be provided on site.

BulletSonicVisioN - seeing with sound  SonicVisioN's product, KASPA, provides the means to see with sound through an interactive looking action. The sensor is mounted on the head of a blind person and the output stereo sounds fed to the ears by miniature earphones to produce immediately a dynamic real-time neural image of object space. Comprehension is learned over a period of time.

Howell Mobility   In 1987 Mariano Pacini of Detroit, Michigan began selling white canes and specialized cane tips to individuals, agencies, and organizations. In August of 2000 my wife Peggy and I purchased this business and took on the challenge of providing the same quality service Mariano gave to each of his valued customers.



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