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BulletBioptic Driving  Welcome to the Bioptic Driving Web Site. This site is devoted to the dissemination of information about low vision driving with the use of a bioptic. My purpose is to inform others that there is an option available that may allow them to obtain their driver's license even if they cannot meet their state's standard vision requirements for driving. Here you will find information that will aid in making an informed decision as to whether this is a feasible option.

BulletSee Me Drive .com See Me Drive . com was put together as a place for those individuals with less than perfect eyesight (vision impairment) who would like to drive or are driving despite a low vision disability to share ideas and their experiences with others.

BulletAssociation of Driver Educators for the Disabled  The Association of Driver Educators for the Disabled (ADED) is devoted primarily to the support of professionals working in the field of driver education and transportation equipment modification for persons with disabilities. The Association provides key components of education and information dissemination.

BulletLIVING WITH VISION LOSS a new Book on Low Vision with emphasis on driving rehabilitation.


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