Fuch's Dystrophy

Fuchs Support  FUCHS' CORNEAL DYSTROPHY HEADQUARTERS: We are primarily a free, information and support group for people with Fuchs' Corneal Dystrophy.  We have built up a huge library of information about the disease, as well as lots of coping tips and help. We have more information than you can imagine on the symptoms and treatments for Fuchs' Corneal Dystrophy, as well as tips for coping with it, right on our site. Also on our site we have links to photos of what your eye dr is seeing when he's looking into your eyes and diagnosing Fuchs' Dystrophy as well as many other links

We "understand it better than anyone else, because we LIVE with it and have found the ANSWERS, and YOU can TOO!


Fuchs' Dystrophy Home Page Welcome to the Fuchs' Friends home page.  If you  don't know what Fuchs' Dystrophy is, it's an eye condition in which the cornea loses the cells that pump impurities and fluids out of it.  Normally it's a slowly progressing disease.  For more  explicit detail use the left margin button labeled Fuchs' Defined,



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