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BulletINTACT About the Commission  About the Commission on Maps and Graphics for Blind and Visually-Impaired People:   Maps and graphics are being produced in many forms, such as tactile (raised line), audio, large print, virtual reality so that they can be accessed by people with vision impairments. This includes people who are totally blind to people who have partial sight, and people who have lost vision at any age in life.

BulletTangible Graphic Displays   Emerson Foulke I'm currently spending a good deal of my time with the Braille Research Center that we just got underway in Louisville, at the American Printing House for the Blind, in Louisville, Kentucky. I'm going to be talking today about the various methods used for making tangible graphic displays (TGDs). Many of the methods I will discuss are not examples of high technology, but they are the methods that people use, And a review of them will help to define the territory with which we have to be concerned.

BulletRepro-Tronics    Repro - Tronics is the designer and manufacturer of the Tactile Image Enhancer, Flexi - Paper tactile imaging paper, the Thermo Pen II, and Tactile AudioGRAPHICS.   These products are designed to assist blind and visually impaired individuals in the creation and understanding of tactile graphic images.

BulletINTACT Home Page Welcome to the WWW pages of the Commission on Maps and Graphics for Blind and Visually Impaired People. These pages mainly contain details of recent and current research on all aspects of the design, construction and use of tactile maps and other tactile graphics. INTACT is also the name of the irregular newsletter of the Commission on Maps and Graphics for Blind and Visually Impaired People, which is part of the International Cartographic Association. The newsletter is intended to be a forum for discussion on the design, production and use of tactile graphics of all kinds all over the world.

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