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Products  for Visually Impaired Children

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BulletBabyscapes Visual Stimulation Videos Welcome to the Home page of Babyscapes, the award-winning educational video series. Feel free to browse our site to learn how our videos can help you educate and stimulate your child.

BulletPlayworks At Playworks we're excited about play. We take toys seriously and believe you do too. That's why you're here. Playworks sells toys that invite play and encourage learning in children from birth through age five with special needs. Play povides opportunities for children to experience the joy of discovery, of learning through interacting with objects and with other people. At Playwords we provide toys that encourage children to play, to learn what happens as a result of their actions, and to build skills.

BulletLekotek The country's central source on toys and play for children with special needs.

BulletExceptional Teaching  Teaching aids  the visually impaired.

BulletCrestwood Communication Aids Ruth Leff, a Milwaukee speech-language pathologist, founded Crestwood Communication Aids, Inc. 25 years ago.  She is an early pioneer in the field of Augmentative and Alternative Communication Aids (AAC).  Ruth has patented eight communication devices to help children and adults express their thoughts and needs.

BulletRifton Equipment  Our goal is to provide quality walkers, standers, chairs, tricycles, bath chairs and toileting systems that can be adjusted to meet the needs of as many as possible. Adaptive equipment which helps normal positioning can open a whole new world for children and adults with disabilities.

BulletSpinoza - home of Spinoza...the Bear Who Speaks from the Heart™.   Perhaps you are already familiar with Spinoza and the wonderful companion he is to people of all ages.  Or maybe you have just heard of Spinoza and want to learn more about him and his expanding line of products.

AbleNet AbleNet offers practical products and creative solutions for teaching children with disabilities. Our tools are specially designed to fuel the imagination - whether you're new to simple assistive technology, are already a technology expert, a classroom teacher or teacher trainer.

BulletResources for Children and Youth with Visual Impairment  

BulletDragon Fly Top Company    They provide tops for children with special needs.


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