Low Vision Care

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 The child found to have a low vision problem should have a low vision examination performed by an ophthalmologist or optometrist specially trained in low vision. This differs from a general eye examination in that much of the testing is designed to evaluate different aspects of visual function. Once the child's visual needs have been determined and his or her visual abilities have been quantified, appropriate interventions will be recommended by the doctor. These may range from prescribing glasses or special optical devices to referring for visual stimulation, occupational therapy. educational interventions and/or mobility training. The goal of the low vision examination, for people of all ages, is to improve function through the use of devices and/or adaptive skills.

Lea Hyvarinen's Homepage/ ( This homepage is created to share my teaching materials with other teachers in low vision, in vision screening and in occupational health. The slide library grows rather slowly because I edit it in my scanty spare time. In some materials there are also overheads, instructions how to simulate different types of vision loss etc.

BulletVisually Impaired Student Resource Guide

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