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NEW   Amazing New Movie on Macular Degeneration



  Always see your doctor specializing in low vision to be evaluated before obtaining complex low vision devices.


Condensered.gif (846 bytes)EyeFine  Developed in Japan, eyeFine is a new type of auto focus eyewear. To learn more and see or listen to our movie click here.

Condensered.gif (846 bytes)Designs for Vision, Inc. produces a range of microscopic and telescopic low vision systems for prescribing through doctors. 

Condensered.gif (846 bytes)Eschenbach Optik Home Page   Eschenbach has been making fine quality German magnifying vision aids for over 80 years. Eschenbach Optik of America, Inc. has been distributing Eschenbach magnifiers for the past 14 years, providing professional education to eye care providers and resource information to visually impaired consumers.

Condensered.gif (846 bytes)Ocutech  Welcome to Ocutech,inc. on the web. Ocutech is a leading developer of optical low vision solutions for patients suffering from Macular Degeneration and other low vision impairments. The new Vision Enhancing System Auto focus Telescope is now in use around the world.

Condensered.gif (846 bytes)Vision Advantage. Vision Advantage Inc. was formed to provide dignified lifestyle enhancement for partially sighted persons through delivery of quality products and services. The company was founded in 1994 when it purchased a significant portion of Coburn Optical Industries' Vision Assist Products business unit, which had provided assistive technology since the 1970s.

Condensered.gif (846 bytes)Keeler Low Vision  Keeler manufactures different types of low vision products, optics and head worn systems.

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