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BulletUSABA Home Page  The United States Association of Blind Athletes is the non-profit member of the United States Olympic Committee that trains blind and visually-impaired athletes for national and international competition in nine sports.

United States Association of Blind Athletes They are told they are a burden to society. They are held back in school. They are pitied and excluded from countless activities, athletics especially. They are the blind and visually impaired, and it's about time to change these attitudes.That's the mission of the United States Association of Blind Athletes (USABA).

BulletNEHSA New England Handicapped Sports Association Our mission is To help people with disabilities enrich their lives through adaptive sports, recreation, and social activities.

BulletTHE UNRECABLES   Los Angeles Chapter of Disabled Sports USA - The purpose of the organization is to promote participation in sports, recreational, and social activities for people with disabilities in the surrounding communities.

BulletThe Steadward Centre   The Steadward Centre provides fitness & lifestyle programs, instruction and research for people with physical disabilities. The Centre is one of the research centres and units in the University of Alberta's Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation.

BulletManitoba Blind Sports Association (Sport Manitoba)  Manitoba Blind Sports Association Winnipeg, Manitoba

BulletInternational Paralympic Committee  The aim of CP-ISRA is: "To promote the development of sporting and recreational activities, both competitive and non-competitive, for people with cerebral palsy and allied conditionsn. On November 12, 1994, the General Assembly accepted the following mission statements.

BulletFitness Partner Connection Jumpsite!  A general site on fitness




Goalball was invented in 1946 by Austrian Hanz Lorenzen, and German Sepp Reindle, to aid in the rehabilitation of  blinded war veterans. The game was introduced to the world in 1976 at the Paralympics in Toronto, Canada, the first world championships held in Austria in 1978.  Goalball  is now played in all IBSA (International Blind Sport Association) regions. The popularity of goal continues to increase.

BulletThe Michigan Spitfire!   The Michigan Spitfire is one of the hottest goalball teams in the country, proven by their fifth place finish at the Colorado National goalball tournament last June. Follow them exclusively on this web site!


BulletJudo for Blind Athletes   Information on International Judo Tournaments for the Visually Impaired.

Winter Sports:

BulletWinter Sports and Recreation Equipment ABLEDATA Database of Assistive TechnologyWinter Sports and Recreation EquipmentFact Sheet #16 January 1993

BulletSTRIDE  Sports and Therapeutic Recreation Instruction / Developmental Education   Recreation for Challenged Children  - Our volunteer organization offers free activities for children who have special needs. We provide enriching recreational opportunities and athletics for children with disabilities, ages 5 to 21, who otherwise would be left on the sidelines.  Our Capital Region Headquarters allows STRIDE to offer year-round programs in many surrounding counties of New York State, as well as western Massachusetts. STRIDE is adding new programs to help more children every year.

BulletAlpine Skiing The Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing (CADS) was started by Jerry Johnston, a visionary ski school owner in Banff, Alberta. CADS today has a membership of about 4000 with divisions in every Canadian province and ties to disabled skiing organizations around the world. Whether you're interested in volunteering, are disabled and want to give it a try, or simply want to learn more - read on!

BulletList of Adaptive Winter Sports Programs

BulletAlberta Association of Disabled Skiiers   Disabled Skiers Alberta (DSA) is dedicated to providing disabled children and adults with the opportunity to learn, teach and compete in the sport of skiing. DSA is a member of the Canadian Association for Disabled Skiers (CADS), which encompasses several disabled skiing organizations across Canada.


Water / Sailing / Scuba Sports:

BulletAquatic Sports and Recreation Equipment  Sports can provide physical activity and recreation that yield psychological and physical benefits. According to Roy J. Shephards study "Benefits of Sport and Physical Activity for the Disabled: Implications for the Individual and for Society," potential benefits include improvement of mood-state, reduction of anxiety and depression, increased self-esteem, improved perceived health, and long-term reduced risk of many chronic diseases.


Ham Radio:

BulletHandiHams  The Courage HANDI-HAM System was "born" in Rochester, Minnesota in 1967; the idea of Ned Carman, W0ZSW. Ned worked for a clinic, and, in the course of his work, would visit people with severe physical disabilities. As he spoke with his clients, who often had few opportunities to leave their homes, he realized that Amateur Radio would be the perfect hobby for them. Here was a hobby that could open a window to the world! A person with the most severe disabilities could stand as an equal with fellow hams in the world of Amateur Radio!

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